My Wikipedia Experience: relevant bibliography

When the course of Information Management started, we had to bring together in some groups, and then, start choosing some interesting topics to work with. My group chose a variety of topics such as Animals on the verge of extintion, Strange manias and phobias and The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

After having chosen the topics, we started searching for different references in order to be able to speak about them and we shared them in both Refworks and Flow, so we started recovering relevant information about them.


Then, we selected some articles in order to make contributions and improve them. After improving the articles, we completed our Wikipedia Sandboxes (templates, infoboxes, etc.) with interesting articles related to our chosen topics.

sa (1)

After having contributed in some articles of Wikipedia and being so happy because our improvements have been approved by their administrators, we did a presentation about all our Wikipedia Experience to show to our classmates what we have done during the course and which things we have learnt.

Finally, we have promoted our chosen topics by using Twitter or another social network discovered during this course: .


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