Mary Poppins child star Karen Dotrice finally sees entire film – 50 years after its release

National Post | Arts

Mary Poppins has enchanted audiences for some 50 years, but the former child star who played Jane Banks didn’t watch the entire movie about the magical nanny until just recently.

“The amazing thing is I’ve never actually seen Mary Poppins all the way through until last week at this 50th anniversary premiere,” Karen Dotrice, who played one of Mary Poppins’ two young charges, said in a telephone interview from Los Angeles.

“And it’s absolutely a corker. … I took my kids. They’ve never seen the film either.”

Dotrice, who eventually left show business to focus on her family (her children are now 17, 18 and 23), said she never saw the full 140-minute film at the 1964 premiere because she had to get home to bed.

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“I was a little girl and I had to go to school the next morning,” she recalled. “My parents were very…

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