My Wikipedia Experience: relevant bibliography

When the course of Information Management started, we had to bring together in some groups, and then, start choosing some interesting topics to work with. My group chose a variety of topics such as Animals on the verge of extintion, Strange manias and phobias and The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

After having chosen the topics, we started searching for different references in order to be able to speak about them and we shared them in both Refworks and Flow, so we started recovering relevant information about them.


Then, we selected some articles in order to make contributions and improve them. After improving the articles, we completed our Wikipedia Sandboxes (templates, infoboxes, etc.) with interesting articles related to our chosen topics.

sa (1)

After having contributed in some articles of Wikipedia and being so happy because our improvements have been approved by their administrators, we did a presentation about all our Wikipedia Experience to show to our classmates what we have done during the course and which things we have learnt.

Finally, we have promoted our chosen topics by using Twitter or another social network discovered during this course: .


Review of IM tools

From February until today in the course of Information Management I have been learning, above all, how to manage references in order to make contributions to improve Wikipededia articles. At first, we were only using Twitter and Océano, two websites that were quite known for us from the beginning.

Then, we have been using some different and interesting tools in order to work with the references. We had to create a new account in all of them and start learning how to write references of different things such as books, journals, etc. Among the different tools, I would highlight:

– Refworks

– Flow

It is important to mention that the use of those tools has been very practical, because you could share the same references in both websites, by only clicking on them.

After that, we created our main Wikipedia page in order to start making contributions and improvements to the articles about our favourite topics. We learnt how to use the Sanboxes and Templates provided by Wikipedia in both languages, English and Spanish.

Finally, another interesting thing we learnt was how to create a Mindmap about some Wikipedia’s article’s categories.

text2mindmap (1)

I would recommend you to read carefully this article, because I believe that the tools I am providing in it are quite useful and interesting. Enjoy them!

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The Nocturna Festival 2014


The “Nocturna” is a International Cinema Festival, the one which takes place in Madrid. Before it appeared, there was another festival about cinema called “The Festival of Imaginary and Fiction cinema”. This one disappeared in 1996. After that, many enthusiastics about fantastic and horror cinema asked for a festival similar to the first one, thus went out the Nocturna Festival, in order to fill the shaft that the “The Festival of Imaginary and Fiction cinema” left.

At the festival, anyone who joins it will enjoy an incredible atmosphere, watching the first release of the last productions of horror, fantasy, thriller, etc. productions, such as “I am a ghost” and “Silent Hill: Revelations”,  and taking into account the presence of famous people related to this topic (actors, film directors…).

In this festival, which is going to be from the 23rd to the 31st May of 2014, there are some awards which are going to be deliver:

– Nocturna Prize to the best film.

– Nocturna Prize to the best director.

– Nocturna Prize to the best script.

– Nocturna Prize to the best performance.

– Nocturna Prize to the best fotography.

– Nocturna Prize to the best especial effects.

– Nocturna Prize to the best original soundtrack.


Wanchope, 17 December 2013,  ¡Oh Sí! Habrá secuela. Nocturna 2014 abre el plazo de inscripción. El séptimo arte, from–nocturna-2014-abre-el-plazo-de-inscripcion-19493.html

Nocturna, festival internacional de cine fantástico en Madrid. Es Madrid, from

Not As Weak as You think!!!



How many times have you watched TV and movies and saw a man needing to be rescued by a woman? Okay now, how many times have you been watching TV and Movies and came across a damsel in distress, a woman that needs some kind of saving from a man? Your answers are probably 5 to 1,000,000. It’s so classic that whenever there’s trouble in a movie, it’s usually the girl stuck in a giffy and the man has to go and save her because it’s assumed that if the man doesn’t go save her then she’s going to die or something else bad happen to her.

Ever thought there could be a plot twist and the girl actually kick butt herself and get herself out of messy situations? No, Never!!!!!!    Girls kick butt? Nonsense.

Well reality check, girls can kick butt! Thank goodness for the producers of movies…

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